DOPT Hydraulics

Perform advanced Hydraulics Simulations and ECD predictions with accurate Rheological Models

Perform Advanced Hydraulics

Complex Wells require accurate modelling of hydraulics

Early evaluations of ECD allows the engineer to avoid drilling problems that can compromise the well.

DOPT's accurate pressure loss prediction model allows you to understand your hydraulic system requirements and circulating limitations

DOPT can automatically optimize Hydraulics at the bit to obtain the optimum flowrates and nozzles sizes for adquate hole cleaning



Compute accurate Pressure Loss for the enitre well and evaluate Pump Requirements


Evaluate accurate ECD against the annulus with and without cuttings. Compare the simulated trends in real time for early indentification of hole cleaning problems

Optimize Hydraulics

Automatically optimize hydraulics to obtain the optimum flowrate and nozzle sizes for effective hole cleaning at the bit

Actual Well Comparison

Import APWD and ECD data acquired while drilling to evaluate the calculated trend and the actual values to monitor hole conditions


Perform Sensitivity analysis of Pressure Losses and ECD in the well for various significant parameters



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$299 / month

  • Single User License
  • All modules included
  • Hole Cleaning
  • Concurrent Users


$699 / month

  • Concurrent Users
  • All Modules included
  • Hole Cleaning


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